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Looking for Lada 2103 - 3500 - 5000 Euro

Elküldve: 2016.07.02. 00:05
Szerző: lguyy
Heeeeeello guys,

I have been in love with this model car for a very long time now...and I am looking to finally get one!

It seems Hungary has one of the best Lada garages in the World so I figured it is worth the try.

My budget is as stated in subject, looking for the 1500cc engine later generation 2103 in excellent condition.

Contact me here or write to "lguyy ....88 (at) ....gmail. () com" [no spaces and dots] - I will get back to you via personal email then.

Feel free to send me suggestions or comments, my apologies to admins if Google has put me in the wrong forum section.

Many thanks!
Kind regards,

Re: Looking for Lada 2103 - 3500 - 5000 Euro

Elküldve: 2017.04.22. 12:26
Szerző: lguyy
I found one, thanks to all who contacted me.